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  1. C1009 The critical path method (CPM) calculates the theoretical early start and finish dates and late start and finish dates. Critical paths have either:

  2.  You are managing a project that involves work on a film shoot. The editing activity can happen only after the film has been shot. The logical relationship between the editing and shooting of the film can best be described as:

  3.  Bar charts with bars representing activities show activity start dates as well as end dates and activity durations expected. For control and management communication, the broader, more comprehensive summary activity that is used between milestones is referred to as:

  4.  While planning the schedule for your project, you frequently refer to the project calendar. The project calendar is:

  5.  After one year of construction, an office building is scheduled to be completed on 30th January. The landscaping work needs to start 15 days prior to completion of the building. Which of the following relationships most likely represents the relationship of the start of landscaping work to the completion of the office building?