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  1.  The accuracy of Activity Duration estimates can be improved by considering the amount of risk in the original estimate. The three types of estimates on which three-point estimates are based are:

    A) Budgetary, Ballpark, Order of Magnitude.
    B) Best case scenario, Expected scenario and current scenario.
    C) Most likely, likely, unlikely
    D) Most likely, optimistic, pessimistic

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  2.  A technique that iterates the project schedule many times, to calculate a distribution of possible project completion dates is called:

    A) Monte Carlo Analysis
    B) Monteford analysis
    C) Pareto Cost chart
    D) Deming Analysis

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  3.  While planning the schedule for your project, you frequently refer to the project calendar. The project calendar is:

    A) A calendar containing the days on which various meetings are scheduled within the project team.
    B) A calendar of working days or shifts that establishes those dates on which schedule activities are worked.
    C) A calendar containing the list of days on which the project team members will be on leave or take an off.
    D) A calendar that establishes the dates on which project deliverables are sent to the customer.

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  4.  As a project manager, you are in the process of preparing the project schedule for the project. Which of the following accurately depicts the sequence of your activities before you begin preparing the project schedule?

    A) Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Durations
    B) Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Durations, Estimate Activity Resources
    C) Estimate Activity Durations, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources
    D) Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Durations, Sequence Activities

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  5.  You are managing a project that involves work on a film shoot. The editing activity can happen only after the film has been shot. The logical relationship between the editing and shooting of the film can best be described as:

    A) Finish-to-Finish (FF)
    B) Start-to-Start (SS)
    C) Start-to-Finish (SF)
    D) Finish-to-Start (FS)

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