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  1.  Geert Hofstede?s cultural dimension of individualism refers to?

    A) ?the degree of dependence relationships between individuals.
    B) ?the significance of the person versus that of the group.
    C) ?the identification with the gender role of an individual.
    D) ?the tolerance for ambiguity or uncertainty in the workplace.

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  2.  While executing a project, you sense a slightly negative attitude in your team. Which type of document do you now need, among others, to better understand and then be able to improve the situation?

    A) Project charter
    B) Team performance assessments
    C) Cost baseline
    D) Statement of work

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  3.  A review of your project team member?s most recent performance reports shows a major drop in output. Which is the best approach to raise team productivity in a project?

    A) Increase the frequency of team review meetings and status reports.
    B) Increase the pressure on each team member to adhere to deadlines.
    C) Post a special reward for the best performing team member.
    D) Improve feelings of trust and cohesiveness among team members.

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  4.  Which of the following are not common barriers to project team building?

    A) Differing outlooks, priorities, and interests
    B) Role conflicts
    C) Excessive team member commitment
    D) Unclear project objectives/outcomes

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  5.  The members of your project team have been assigned to your project with general availability levels of 50%. Yesterday, they reported to you that significant variances occurred during project execution. You have noted that the team members have been spending less than 50% of their time working on your project. Your project schedule is about to become heavily delayed, and deadlines are in jeopardy. What should you do?

    A) Talk to your sponsor and try to get more resources assigned on similar conditions as the existing ones.
    B) Talk with functional managers. Negotiate clear and written assignments with reliable scheduling priorities.
    C) Ignore the difficulties, adjust your schedule and negotiate new deadlines according to the slower progress.
    D) Focus on internal charges. Make sure that your project is not getting charged for more than the actual work.

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