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  1.  Your management announced that they want to put you on a stretch assignment. In this situation, you should consider that?

    A) ?a stretch assignment is going beyond your qualifications right from the start. Whatever your education, knowledge and skills are, you cannot fail personally. Congratulations.
    B) ?key stakeholders must have timely and complete information regarding your qualifications to make decisions regarding your suitability for the assignment.
    C) ?stretch assignments bear an increased risk of failure, and this is rarely outweighed by the learning and development experience expected to come with the assignment.
    D) ?you should avoid the increased hassle coming with the assignment. It will not be enough for you to simply satisfy requirements and achieve objectives. You will have to learn a lot.

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  2.  Which concept of locating team members can help them best to enhance their performance as a team?

    A) Co-location
    B) Cross-functional dispersion
    C) Virtual e-teams
    D) Global team dispersion

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  3.  The members of your project team have been assigned to your project with general availability levels of 50%. Yesterday, they reported to you that significant variances occurred during project execution. You have noted that the team members have been spending less than 50% of their time working on your project. Your project schedule is about to become heavily delayed, and deadlines are in jeopardy. What should you do?

    A) Talk to your sponsor and try to get more resources assigned on similar conditions as the existing ones.
    B) Talk with functional managers. Negotiate clear and written assignments with reliable scheduling priorities.
    C) Ignore the difficulties, adjust your schedule and negotiate new deadlines according to the slower progress.
    D) Focus on internal charges. Make sure that your project is not getting charged for more than the actual work.

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  4.  Following the cultural approach of the corporation for which you are starting to manage a project, you are guiding your project team through the first life-cycle phase of conceptualization. Your next step is to call for a team meeting to let ideas emerge in an unrestricted creative process. What exactly should that look like?

    A) You write down the ideas of team members and structure them into categories of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats during the session.
    B) You creatively gather thoughts and ideas without any discussion or frowning. These ideas are only filtered and structured after the end of the brainstorming session.
    C) Your team members wear hats with different colors, each of which stands for a way of thinking. Each member discusses topics from the viewpoint of their thinking.
    D) You try to eradicate deviating ideas and concepts of team members during the meeting, so that the entire project team follows your principles.

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  5.  During execution of a project, you observe that the performance of some of your team members is dropping, while others are doing a consistently good job. What should you try first to bring the team as a whole back to performance?

    A) Organize a team meeting and discuss openly the bad performance of the weak team members. Try to find a joint solution during the meeting.
    B) Introduce a competitive incentive system with a bonus for the 20% of your team which is performing better than the other 80%.
    C) Do not interfere, but give the team some time to organize, and sort the problem out by low-level conflict management.
    D) Introduce a system of formal and informal performance appraisals, research causes for bad performance and solicit mutual feedback.

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