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  1.  A project involved team members situated in Arizona, Nebraska, New York and Ireland. Which of the following activities becomes very important in such a team environment?

    A) Team-building
    B) Status reporting
    C) Conflict resolution
    D) Communication planning

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  2.  If there are 10 people working on a project, how many total communication channels are there?

    A) 100 channels
    B) 20 channels
    C) 45 channels
    D) 10 channels

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  3.  You are managing a project team that is distributed across global locations. You communicate via email on a daily basis and have a telephonic status call once a week. Which of the following statements is valid?

    A) Plan telephonic status calls every day and follow up every email communication with a telephone call to discuss whether the remote team has understood the task allocation.
    B) Remote teams are an overhead on the project and should be avoided as far as possible.
    C) The communication of status reports and work allocation can never be done effectively via email. Plan for 50% efficiency for the remotely located team.
    D) The receivers of communication at the remote location will not be able to pick up nonverbal cues and this results in a certain loss in communication. You need to factor this in your planning.

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  4.  You are working in the US, but have outsourced programming to India and structural engineering to people in Australia. The project doesn't have the budget to bring all the team together, so you will be relying on e-mail, fax, video conference and chat to work together. This is an example of?

    A) Global Team
    B) Virtual Team
    C) Cross Functional Global Team
    D) Diverse Team

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  5.  When your project first started, you had eight stakeholders. There have been changes made to the project and there are now 14 stakeholders. How many communication channels have been added to the project?

    A) 63
    B) 15
    C) 91
    D) 28

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