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  1.   You are waiting to turn right at the end of a road. Your view is obstructed by parked vehicles. What should you do?

    A) Stop and then move forward slowly and carefully for a proper view
    B) Move quickly to where you can see so you only block traffic from one direction
    C) Wait for a pedestrian to let you know when it is safe for you to emerge
    D) Turn your vehicle around immediately and find another junction to use

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  2.   This road marking warns

    A) drivers to use the hard shoulder
    B) overtaking drivers there is a bend to the left
    C) overtaking drivers to move back to the left
    D) drivers that it is safe to overtake

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  3.   To answer a call on your mobile phone while travelling you should

    A) reduce your speed wherever you are
    B) stop in a proper and convenient place
    C) keep the call time to a minimum
    D) slow down and allow others to overtake

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  4.   You are waiting to emerge from a junction. The windscreen pillar is restricting your view. What should you be particularly aware of?

    A) Lorries
    B) Buses
    C) Motorcyclists
    D) Coaches

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  5.   Objects hanging from your interior mirror may

    A) restrict your view
    B) improve your driving
    C) distract your attention
    D) help your concentration

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