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  1.  You are a consulting project manager with over 15 years experience running software development projects. You have been engaged to manage a finance application project for a new customer. However on the first day onsite at the customer's headquarters you are told the project has been cancelled, but there is a need for a project manager to manage a major infrastructure project to deploy a large number of servers and storage devices. The customer asks if you would be interested in leading this project. You have never managed this type of project before but would be interested in the challenge. Which of the follow is the best response?

    A) Do not mention your lack of experience, but ask for more information about the project. After reviewing the information and see that you could probably wing the project, accept the project.
    B) Accept the job with the caveat you can bring in any needed resources to work on the project, then hire a project manager you know that works in this area to handle the implementation details.
    C) Decline the opportunity, citing your lack of experience and knowledge in this area.
    D) Do not mention your lack of experience and accept the job.

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  2.  Which tools and techniques are recommended for developing a project team?

    A) Performance assessment, recognition and rewards, and team building
    B) Training, team building, and ground rules
    C) Team building, creating organizational charts, and assessing individual's performance
    D) Setting ground rules and assessing team members based on those rules

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  3.  Which of the following inaccurately describes a prototype?

    A) A prototype is tangible and allows stakeholders to fine-tune their expectations.
    B) Requirements from a prototype are usually insufficient to move to the design phase.
    C) Prototypes support the concept of progressive elaboration.
    D) A prototype is a working model of the expected product.

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  4.  Which of the following is not a general management technique used to generate different approaches to execute and perform the project work?

    A) Lateral thinking
    B) Six Thinking Hats
    C) Map Out
    D) Brainstorming

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  5.  The Project Charter formally authorizes a project. Who authorizes the project charter?

    A) The project manager
    B) A project sponsor or initiator internal to the project organization
    C) The customer
    D) A project sponsor or initiator external to the project organization

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