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  1.   When following a large vehicle you should keep well back because this

    A) allows you to corner more quickly
    B) helps the large vehicle to stop more easily
    C) allows the driver to see you in the mirrors
    D) helps you to keep out of the wind

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  2.   Your vehicle is fitted with a navigation system. How should you avoid letting this distract you while driving?

    A) Keep going and input your destination into the system
    B) Keep going as the system will adjust to your route
    C) Stop immediately to view and use the system
    D) Stop in a safe place before using the system

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  3.   You are driving at dusk. You should switch your lights on

    A) even when street lights are not lit
    B) so others can see you
    C) only when others have done so
    D) only when street lights are lit

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  4.   You are most likely to lose concentration when driving if you

    A) use a mobile phone
    B) listen to very loud music
    C) switch on the heated rear window
    D) look at the door mirrors

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  5.   Objects hanging from your interior mirror may

    A) restrict your view
    B) improve your driving
    C) distract your attention
    D) help your concentration

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