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  1.  Which of the following inaccurately describes a prototype?

    A) A prototype is tangible and allows stakeholders to fine-tune their expectations.
    B) Requirements from a prototype are usually insufficient to move to the design phase.
    C) Prototypes support the concept of progressive elaboration.
    D) A prototype is a working model of the expected product.

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  2.  You have been asked to establish a project charter for your new project. According to PMBOK, who normally has the responsibility to authorize the charter?

    A) Company president or CEO
    B) Project initiator or sponsor
    C) Key project stakeholders
    D) Project manager

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  3.  A management control point where scope, budget, actual cost and schedule are integrated and compared to earned value for performance measurement is called a:

    A) Code of accounts
    B) Control packages
    C) Control account
    D) Account Plan

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  4.  What is the difference between a histogram and a pareto chart?

    A) A histogram is a less accurate version of a pareto chart.
    B) A histogram is a type of pareto chart.
    C) A pareto chart is a type of histogram.
    D) A histogram and a pareto chart simply different terms for the same technique.

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  5.  Which of these is not a tool or technique for the Administer Procurements process?

    A) Contract change control system
    B) Recommended Corrective Action
    C) Claims administration
    D) Performance reporting

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