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  1.  Which of these activities would the Close Project or Phase process be applicable to?

    A) Cancelled projects
    B) Completed projects
    C) Completed phases in a multi-phase project
    D) All of the above

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  2.  Which process is concerned with providing forecasts to update current cost information?

    A) Monitor and Control Project Work
    B) Project Management Information System
    C) Close Project or Phase
    D) Direct and Manage Project Execution

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  4.  The project manager of a project calls you in as a consultant to provide inputs on developing the Project Charter. Your contribution to the project could be best termed as:

    A) Professional Consultant
    B) Expert Judgment
    C) Charter Consultant
    D) Expert Consultancy

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  5.  Which of these Direct and Manage Project Execution items is not an output of the process?

    A) Deliverables
    B) Work Performance Information
    C) Project management plan
    D) Change requests

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